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1.0 What are the names of the services of the Time-Sync Client respectively of the Time-Sync Server?
The client-service is called "Time-Sync Client". The service for the server is called "Time-Sync Server"

1.1 Which protocol is used to transmit the time from the time server?
The client and the server both use the SNT protocol (Simple Network Time Protocol - RFC 2030) and the Time protocol (RFC 868).

1.2 Can I install the Time-Sync Server and the Time-Sync Client on one computer at the same time?
No, but this is not necessary at all because the server-version already includes the client-version's functions.

1.3 Do I have to adhere to something if I install the software on a domain-controller respectively on a computer in a domain?
Yes, you need to ensure that the service "Windows Time Service" is deactivated. Otherwise it is possible that conflicts will occur. The "Windows Time Service" will be deactivated automatically during the Time-Sync installation.

1.4 Is it possible to use Time-Sync in a LAN without having an internet connection?
This is absolutely possible. Just install Time-Sync as a server version on one PC and on the other PC's install the client version. Then, add the PC you installed Time-Sync server on, to the server list on the client PC's.

1.5 Is there a way to install Time-Sync without using the graphical setup?
The setup for Time-Sync has a so called "Command Line Setup". Further information regarding to setup switches can be found in the Time-Sync help.

You can get more information in the Time-Sync help. For further questions please use the contact!