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General Information
New Features
  • Windows Server 2022 is now supported
  • Command line parameter "/CONDITIONINSTALL" has been removed. Instead, the new command line parameter "/FORCE" has been added. NOTE: The use of the command line setup should be checked, because the update behavior has changed. Further details can be found in the help of Time-Sync (Key "F1").
  • Validation the response packets of the NTP protocol optimized
  • Optional disabling of fallbacks to the Time protocol
  • Optional activation of an additional plausibility check before synchronizing the time
  • Improvement of the debug function
  • Improvement of the description in the help
  • Signing of the Time-Sync binaries and setup
  • This version of Time-Sync is the last version that supports the deprecated Time protocol (RFC868). In the future version, the protocol will be removed for the server and the client version of Time-Sync.